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This our 10th.Anniversary Trip:

We start out Sept.23, from West Palm Beach, Florida.We're up at 5am.Our son Steve is going to drive us to the airport.We arrive at Palm Beach International airport at 6am.Its foggy this morning.But we are excited.Our Delta Jet leaves at 7:15am headed to Atlanta, where we will change planes to Buffalo, N.Y.

Our Tickets

The plane gets to Atlanta at 9am.We had a real nice breakfast on the plane;eggs, sausage, potatoes, fruit, muffins and juice.It was real good [we're flying in First Class - It's different].
Our Delta-Jet leaves Atlanta at 10:01am.It was cool in Atlanta, but when we arrive in Buffalo at noon it is 52deg. and misting rain.Picked up our rental car [Corsica] and drive 25 miles to Niagara Falls, Canada.We're staying at the Day's Inn @ $70 per night.It's a brand new Hotel and looks great! We take time to make our plans for the next two days, so we can make the most of our time.This is a real pretty area, so off we go sightseeing.We ride around looking at all the beautiful gardens.The flowers are so BIG here, and the colors so brilliant.We take the "Maid of the Mist" boatride, $12.00, its great...they practically ride the boat right in the Falls.Very interesting and wet!!!

View From "Maid of the Mist"..Looking at Niagara Falls>

Time for dinner and we go to the "Suisha Gardens" Japanese Restauant.We eat $35 worth.It was Very nice, good steak and all the trimmings....Japanese style.
Rode around some more, down by the water.The lights on the Falls are spectactular.Back to our room for a much needed rest...Spent $6 on parking.


Up & at-em early.Hit Dennys for breakfast.It's a brand new Dennys, and we leave $15 behind for a good meal.Its a pretty sunny day today, so we're ready to do the tourist thing!
Our Tour Bus
We sign up for a $30 tour at 11am.....It was great.We had a informative tour guide ...learned a lot about everything.The tour ended at the Skylon Tower and we took the elevator to the top.It cost an extra $10 to ride up the outside elevator, but words can't describe the view.On the top of the tower the wind was blowing so hard, it almost blew us off! No kidding, it was harder than any Hurricane I've been in!

View of Falls from the tower
We enjoyed the tour and the guide so much, we throw in an extra $5 tip.
We saw about 30 points of interest on our tour.Our favorite was the Monastery of Mt. Carmel.The stained glass windows have been valued at one million dollars.So so beautiful.

The Mount Carmel Chapel

Another favorite spot was the school of Horticulture grounds.Again I will say, I've never seen flowers as beautiful as here.Blooms and plants are so huge and their brilliance..I've never seen the likes of!
We get back to the Hotel about 2pm.
After we rest awhile, off we go to Table Rock Senic Tunnels.These are tunnels that go behind the Falls.One outlook is just inches from the water falling from the top on its way to the bottom of the falls.They supply us with raincoats, but you still get wet.I don't see why they don't lose people over the side...Scary!!!..Thats falling water, not windows, behind Dianne in the picture below.

That's the falls behind Dianne...View from Tunnel
Another tunnel comes out at the bottom of the falls and they have catwalks to get as close as you dare to the falling water.Words again can't describe the feeling of much water!!!

View from the Bottom

We're dining at the Queen Victoria Park Restauant for dinner.Another world class dinner.We have the Prime Rib,$34, along with a wonderful view of the Falls.We are seated on the Terrace where you can see and here the Falls real good.
After dinner we chech out all the shops, and spend $15.
6pm, we're back at the Hotel to rest before we go out again to see the Falls illuminated tonight.A marvelous site!It's truly windy now and cooling off fast.What a good day we've had!!So off to bed.


Up at 8am.Go to the Skylon for a buffet breakfast.It's $25, but they also throw in a magnificent view of the falls, while we eat a great breakfast.We drop another $10 for souveniers, before we leave the tower.
Jump in the car and drive to the little town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. What a beautiful drive to a quaint town.Not any billboards on the way.It's just a pretty town full of all kinds of shops.We also stopped at Fort George.A really neat place.They have people doing living history as you go from place to place. Les makes lots of video of all these places.
On our way back, we stop at the Horticulture School again.Never saw so many flower beds, roses, impatients...some I've never seen before.

Dianne among the Flowers
Then over to the American Falls, on the United States side.It was real interesting over there.We took a Tram Ride around to the top of the Falls.Boy, was that impressive, such views.So close to the top of the Falls, you could almost touch the water.Cost $5, but worth it!

Rainbow over the American Falls

Back to the Canadian side for dinner at the Red Lobster.$35.Then back to our room to pack our bags.What a big day...we're beat.A real good day though.We sure saw a lot of beauty and nature today.Had some good fudge too!Guess we'll rest and watch some TV, the hit the rack.

Sept. 26th.

Up at 4am.Bummer, but its time for us to head for the airport in Buffalo.There is really a big difference between the American side and the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.The American side is mostly like any other american city.Not clean and not very safe.The Canadian side was spotless.There was no hint of danger or crime.We walked around after dark in the waterside parks and felt no fear.Wish our country could match this!!!
Trip to the airport was smooth, no problems.Stop at McDonalds for a sausage buscuit and coffee [$5].
Turn in the car and have to make the video camera work, before the let us past security..Glad the batteries wern't dead.

We get First Class ,but are seperated.We have a 3 hour layover in Atlanta, so we play a lot of Skip-bo.At 11:45 we are headed home.1st.class again to W.P.B.Allright!!!Another wonderful Delta lunch!Steve was at the airport to pick us up.We leave the airport at 1:30pm.It's good to be home again.We had a wonderful trip, just like our 1st. 10 years of being married.Looking forward to the next 10!!

Look for our next adventure...soon!

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