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ABOUT.....ME continued.

Some other cars I had while in Palm Beach High School, were a 35 Ford Roadster. We chopped the roof and it looked neat.
Here's a picture

MY 35 FORD ROADSTER in front of my Dad's 52 Olds, and MY 46 HUDSON across the street:

We used to go to the races in Daytona, when the Speedway was located on the beach.Here's a picture of what it looked like in 1953.

Cars racing on the beach at Daytona.1953.

The Inland side of the track on the beach in 1953.

High School was fun...and we had lots of it.
We had Fraternity's when we went to school and I belonged to the "Tekes".That was short for Theta Kappa Omega. We did everything together.There was 4 frat's and 4 Sorority's as I recall.I have a picture of the Teke's at a dance we sponsored in 1951.

The Jolly TKO's in 1951:Thats me 5th. from the right.My best friend Jim Bruner is 2nd. from right.

Beach parties were a popular sport.Here's a picture taken at one..We would build a big campfire on the beach, spread our blankets, and have a nitetime picnic...Really neat, but they won't even let you build a fire on the beach now you'd have to be armed to protect yourself.Glad I grew up in a time much better than nowdays!!!

Me & Pat & others On the Beach in 1952.

We went thru H.S. with a lot of interesting people. Some of which have become famous or whatever.Here's a few.

Burt Reynolds in 1953:

Monte Markham in 1953:[also a movie star].
Link to Monte's Movie Credits

Dick Howser in 1953:
Dick Howser was the manager for the Kansas City Royals from 1981 till he died in 1987.His team won the 1985 World Series. My wife Pat worked for Howser when he was just starting his Baseball School in the early 1950's.

We had a well known preacher as well. A former President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Adrian Rogers in 1951:

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