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I was raised in West Palm Beach, Florida from 1937 and lived there until we moved to South Carolina in 1990.I went to school at Northboro Jr. High from K thru 9th. grade.
My First Set Of Wheels.1940 My second wheels.1942

I didn't care much for school & just did enough to get by.It was very laid-back at Northboro, I didn't wear shoes to school most of the time till the 7th. grade.I remember during WW2, how we would bring scrap iron to the school and pile it up, to help in the war effort.Everybody bought savings stamps for 10 cents each, and traded them for a $25 War Bond when you saved enough stamps.We had no air-conditioning at home or school, and of course didn't know what TV was.Some of our favorite things to do were to catch the Ice Truck when he brought ice to the house.Soon as he carried the ice in the house, us kids would swarm the truck looking for ice slivers to eat.For a really special occasion, my dad would take us to Burdines Dept. Store in Miami, to ride the Escalator.That was six-flags for us!!!!
However, my whole life changed, when I got my third set of wheels in 1949.I got my drivers license at 14 and got a brand new Cushman Motor Scooter for my birthday.

Me and MY SCOOTER 1949.

With the scooter, I got a paper route. Now I was making spending money and could go places.It was hard work, I had 350 customers morning, evening and Sunday.Collecting was the worst part.If people didn't pay, it came out of my pocket.
Here's a picture of my Mom & Dad in 1953.

The High School was grades 10,11,12.When I started High School I bought a 1940 Ford, 2door sedan.The best car I have ever owned.
My Fourth Set of Wheels:

Bill King & Me in front of the 40 Ford:

I met my first girlfriend in the 9th. grade and don't have a picture, but I remember her name.It was Connie Bavitz.Have no idea what ever became of her?
My second girlfriend, who later became my wife,was Pat Moree.
Here is Pat's picture:

Pat Moree in 1951:

We broke up for a time and I met girlfriend #3.Pat McKeon. She lived in North Carolina, so we didn't get together very often.However I did keep a picture.
Pat McKeon in 1953:

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