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My first motorized wheels were my 1949 Cushman Motor scooter. Bought it new in 1949.

My first car was my 1940 Ford sedan. Best car I ever owned.Bought in 1951 for $400.00

The next car was my 1946 Hudson. Another great car.Paid $700.00 for this one in 1953.

This is my 1947 Mercury. Bought this one in Chicago for $500.00 when I was in the Navy there in 1954.

This was my first new car. Bought this 1955 Chevy in WPB, Fl. for $1800.00. The fastest car in town for awhile.

Can;'t find a picture right now, but I bought this 1972 Toyota for $2000.00.

Had a bunch of VW's, mine was the 1964 Multicolored one.

Bought this 1950 Chevy S-10 Pickup new in 1990.

Got this Saturn new in 2003>

Had this 1932 ford for awhile.

Bought the 1982 Allergro Motorhome new in 1982.